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Rehairs and Repairs by Mail

Bow Shipment Address:

Washington Fine Bows Shipping

5500 Broad Branch Rd. NW

Washington, DC 20015

Simple and Safe Shipping

Typical completion time is the next business day after receipt of your bow.

Costs: The rehair cost is $80 for violin/viola/cello and $90 for bass + shipping. You will receive an email invoice to be paid once your bow is completed, and prior to return shipment.

Sending Your Bow:

  1. Bow Case: Put the bow in a sturdy case or tube that holds the bow firmly inside. Use ample padding to prevent movement inside the case/tube.

  2. Shipping Box: Insert the case/tube inside the shipping box (available at many shipping stores) with ample bubble wrap to ensure your case/tube does not move around inside. I recommend a triangular cardboard box.

  3. Return Address and Label: Include a return address card INSIDE the box. If possible, please include a return shipping label to ensure accuracy.

  4. Seal the Box: Securely seal the box with high-quality packing tape, with all openings covered. 

  5. Clear Addressing: Clearly print the shipping and return addresses on the package. ​​

  6. Select tracking and shipping method: All shipments must include tracking, for your peace of mind and mine. 

  7. Insurance: It is recommended to insure anything valuable that you ship. In some cases, your bow may already be covered by your own instrument insurance. Check with your insurer for details. Return shipments are always insured by Washington Fine Bows.

  8. Registration Required: Register your rehairs using the form on this page so I know to expect it, and have all the information about your bow needs. Once you have a shipment tracking #, you'll be asked to email that to me as well.

As always, don't hesitate to call or email with questions.


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Register Your Rehair Before Shipping

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